Why do Rock Stars keep Long Hair?

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Long hair has become synonymous with rock stars. During the 1960s, people started to get rebellious and had decided to reject the cultural norm of having a short haircut for men. Back in the days, men were expected to visit the barber regularly and get a neat and short haircut. Many youngsters wanted to be against this cultural norm and wanted to define a mainstream culture for themselves.
The youngsters grew fond of having long hair, listening to rock music and being a rebellion. The stereotype slowly built in the 70s and had become a mainstream culture in the 80s. During the 80s, if you played metal music then you ought to have long hair. Sometimes the genre of music during this time was called as hair metal.

Kurt Cobain

A signifier of personality:

Many men grew their hair to show their rebellious nature against the cultural norm which existed back in the days. They also grew their hair to have personal liberty and have a self-expression. Some of the southern rock stars such as the Allman Brothers Band and Lynyrd Skynyrd started to grow their hair to show their rebellion and to stop being stereotyped as rednecks.
In the United Kingdom, if men had long hair, it either meant they were a hippie or a metal head, or they had a midlife crisis. Rock stars had to not care about what others thought about them. It was more of a pure desire to be different from others. It was also to show people that they have control of their appearance and no cultural norm can alter that.
Many rock stars started to follow this trend, and many of their fans also started to support them and started to have long hair.

Some of the rock stars with long hair are:

Axl Rose:

Axl Rose was the lead singer of the band, Guns N Roses. He was one of the most celebrated Heavy Metal Lead Singer. Rose has always had a long hair, and when he was younger, he used to wear his hair loose and parted his hair. Recently, Axl Rose started to wear braids which continue till the bottom of his hair. He now has grown a mustache and a beard, and this makes look more his age.

Jim Morrison:

Jim Morrison was the lyricist and lead singer for the band named The Doors. He was very popular and was known to wear his hair till his shoulder. Jim parted his hair, and he also had bangs which would fall on his forehead and stay just above his eyes.

Kurt Cobain:

Kurt was an all-time favourite musician in the history of rock music. He wore his hair up to shoulder length, and he usually parted his hair and sometimes flips his hair behind his ears.