Top Men’s Hair Trends 2017

Samurai Style

Some of you may find it strange, but men do follow fashions trends and most of them don’t even realize they’re doing that. Honestly just pay attention at the guys around you during the year and you will notice patterns that go from shoes to head. Have you never noticed that wave of hairs that are just the same as the hair of some famous soccer player for example? That’s what I’m talking about, and I’m going to talk more about this. Let’s take a look at some of the major men’s hair trends that crossed our views in 2017.

Slicked back short hair

The fair length and combed to the side:

A lot of men walked around with their hairs distributed this way. The look has something leonine onto it and it gives the impression of both power and elegance. It also gives the impression of a desperate need of social approval that ends up counterbalancing the its raw power demonstration. It is a hair for the insecure, and men nowadays are increasingly insecure. No surprise this hair was a major trend.

Samurai Style:

This one was all over the place. You couldn’t go anywhere without finding at least one samurai wannabe. Convenience store? The samurai is behind the counter. Supermarket? The samurai is browsing through the fruits and vegetables. Movie theater? The samurai’s hair doesn’t let you watch the movie properly. Concerts? The samurai is standing next to the entrance talking to another swordsman. Waterpark? The samurai is testing his endurance below an artificial waterfall. You’ve got the point.

Very short haircut:

This was a great trend in 2017 and you know what? It will continue to be a great trend until the end of times. This is a simple and clean haircut that will never get out of fashion. It has some variations, like the military style, but at the end of the day all the variations boil down to a simple, short and clean haircut that, I repeat, will never get out of fashion.

Short and spiky:

You know those hairs you sometimes feel like you need to lightly put the palm of your hand on it just to check if it’ll prick your hand – and you are always amazed when it doesn’t? They’ve been around during all the year, and they are still around. It’s a popular way to state that you are a rebel and don’t care about conventions, even if you don’t really mean that and just want to think you’re the coolest guy around. Until another one with a hair just like yours, and taller and more handsome appears.

Slicked back short hair:

This is another haircut that won’t fade in the tide of times, for its popularity is everlasting. This hair shows you are a serious yet laid-back man – no pun intended – that while doesn’t quite know yourself have vague intentions about the directions you want to take in life. This hair also indicates, like the very short one, that you’re not really into fashion but that you can follow it without noticing because many trends are no more than natural expressions.