Rock n’ Roll Hairstyle types from the 1960’s to present

Rock and roll music is loved with musos of all genders and ages.

Looks and style trends are often inspired by celebrities such as musicians or actors. I bet you all can remember the Rachel (of famed Friends sitcom) cut that can still be seen to this day. A lot of these looks either stand the test of time or are revived years after they became popular. The hairstyles that we find a bit too ‘out there’ society decided to toss. And we thank them for that! Can you imagine going to the grocer and the person behind you is sporting a Flock of Seagulls hairdo? Rock ‘n Roll became known for its unique sound of electric guitars, the dancing, the performances, but also the look and hairstyles.

Can you remember the rockers of the 80s? They basically put big hair and overuse of hairspray on the map. The hairspray industry probably owe people like Gene Simmons from Kiss or Dee Snider from Twisted Sister!

Luckily time goes by and we learn what works, and what doesn’t. Even after the noughties gel splurge with textured looks, we’ve started to move towards more natural looks without the use of too much product.

Let’s jump right in and discover 10 hairstyles made famous by Rock n Roll stars from the 60s straight through to today. We warn you, some of the styles listed here may scar you for life!


#1 The Mop Top – Made Famous by The Beatles

The beatles mop-head is classic, yet goes back to fashion every now and then.

If you can believe it, John and Paul saw the style in Paris back in 1961 and loved it so much that all the band member sported the iconic hairstyle for quite some time. The style is known for bangs that reach the eyebrows and hair the length of or just above the ears. The hairstyle caught on in no-time and other stars who imitated the style was The Doors and The Rolling Stones, to name a few. The look made a come-back when Justin Bieber’s debut hit the net.

#2 The Afro – Made Famous by Jimi Hendrix

The Afro is a signature hairdo of 60's.

Nothing says Rock n Roll louder than a huge fro. And thanks to one of the greatest guitarists to ever have lived, we still see it today. Rocker Lenny Kravitz sports the fro every now and then and singer Macy Gray became famous with her lovely mane.


#3 Spiky Mullet – Made Famous by Rod Stewart

The spiky hairdo is still surviving up to date.

Not the sexiest style to ever grace thousands of stages all over the globe, but definitely one that has a place on our list. Rod made the spiky mullet famous back in the 70s and is sporting a shorter version to this day. Other stars who imitated this style includes Joan Jett of Joan Jett and the Runaways fame.

#4 Golden Locks – Made Famous by Robert Plant

Robert Plant from Led Zeppelin won't be the same without the long curly locks.

With his angelic voice and superb vocals, Robert Plant from Led Zeppelin fame would not have been the same without his magical golden locks that flowed from here to there. To this day the star sports the same style and a full head of hearing. This hippie-inspired shaggy look rippled over and a lot of other musicians followed suit. To this day, rock stars and youngsters alike sport the ever-flowing locks look of Robert Plant.


#5 New Wave – Made Famous by Flock of Seagulls

We had to include this one on the list. Even though you probably won’t see anyone with this hairstyle sometime soon, this iconic style was very ‘in’ back in the 80s. It appears even bigger rock stars could not escape this horrid decade of big hair and huge shoulder pads.

#6 Neo Shag Mullet – Made Famous by Marky Ramone

The ramones offer a signature mullet hairstyle.

Another mullet to grace our list, oh no! Hold onto your seats, guys, this style was inspired by Marky Ramone of The Ramones. He still wears his hair like this and you’ll see a lot of other stars and people with this do. A simple mullet, with a bit of a fringe, the style lends itself to versatility.


#7 Long Braids – Made Famous by Janet Jackson

The young Janet's braids are so gorgeous.

The noughties was a bit more forgiving to the stars. At least to Janet who made extremely long braids popular. The style was followed in later years by stars like Alicia Keys and is still seen on the street today.

#8 Mini Buns – Made Famous by Gwen Stefani

Gwen's mini buns hairstyle is a perfect getaway for bad hairday.

Yes, this decade also had a lot of bad hair days and even worse hairstyles. Gwen, still famous for her gorgeous style, sported the mini bun look whilst she was the lead singer of the band No Doubt. This style reminds us of something from a sci-fi movie, or maybe something that could have been done by one of the Spice Girls.


#9 Shaven Completely – made famous by Maynard James Keenan

MJK sports mohawk and completely shaven hairstyle.

Or MJK for short, the lead singer of Tool is known for extravagant styles and has even performed with a mohawk (from the punk era). It is, however, the cleanly shaven style that he is mostly known for. Even though we mention it here, Sinead O’Connor made the style famous back in the day.

#10 New Rockabilly – made famous by Jared Leto

Jared Leto just proves that a talented singer can sport various look and hairstyle and still nail it!

Mister Leto is known for lotta things. Great movies, great music, and a very versatile sense of style. Remember the emo style with the long slightly diagonal fringe? All thanks to Jared Leto. The lead singer of 30 Seconds to Mars likes to change and shake things up. We’ve seen him in a mohawk, Jesus locks, and so much more. Needless to say, he pulls every look off.

Needless to say, some styles made the cut and updated versions of them can be seen on the street. Maybe they were just modified with a hipster look and feel, but the essence of them is still pretty much the same as where it started. For example, neo-rockabilly hairstyle is inspired by Elvis’ iconic quiff, but looks a little sleeker and rounded off. Can you think of any styles of yesteryear that is still stylish today? Tell us in the comment section below! (Also Check: 5 male musicians with noteworthy haircuts over the years)