Most Iconic Rock-Star Hairstyles

James Dean

One of the best things about Rock-Stars apart from their music is their hair. In the music culture, it is very important to have good hair. A good haircut defines you, but in the music world, it was more of a cultural icon. Many famous rock stars are popularly known for their hairstyles, and the following are some of the most iconic hairstyles of Rock-stars.

Carlos Santana

James Dean:

James Dean always looked fantastic, and there was no bad photo of him. In every single picture, he was good looking. His facial expressions are charming, and his haircut is epic. Dean’s hairstyles have come to denote archetypal teenage rebellion. Even now, people enjoy his hair.

Carlos Santana:

Carlos Santana was the force that made Mexican and south-western gear up for a massive trend for stylish icons in the 1960s and 1970s. He paved an original style that was mashed together with his the hippie movement, Mexican roots, and rock-star roots. He was a famous musician who brought a Latin vibe into his heavy metal music, and he encouraged people to look outside their world for style and get influenced from all over the world.

Elton John:

Elton John had a conservative and restrictive upbringing. But Elton John had made brilliant music and created a wild sense of style. His taste of style was fresh but is insignificant when compared to his outfits he used to wear to his concerts. The barriers that existed in the mid-70s were destroyed by Elton John when he came in a duck suit. His signature eyewear continues to inspire many designers and style icons even today.

Jim Morrison:

Jim Morrison was the lead singer and lyricist for the band named The Doors. He was very popular and was known to wear his hair till his shoulder. Jim parted his hair, and he also had bangs which would fall on his forehead and stay just above his eyes. Jim had beautiful curls, and his fans loved his hair.

Steven Tyler:

Steven Tyler is one of the most iconic rock singers in America. He is multitalented, and he was even a judge in America’s got talent. Tyler was the lead vocalist in Aerosmith, and he still performs at concerts and does many records. Tyler has hair till his shoulder, and he usually parts it in the middle.

Sebastian Bach:

Sebastian is a Canadian lead singer of the metal band named Skid Row. He is known for his hair, and it is quite long. His hair is very long and reaches halfway down his back, and many women are jealous of his natural hair waves. He usually parts his hair on one side and brushes it over in a way that it covers one of his eyes. Sometimes he parts his hair in the middle and often brushes the hair out of his face.