5 male musicians with noteworthy haircuts over the years

Male musicians trademark are often their fashion sense and hairstyles.

When do you think about musicians over the years who donned noteworthy hair, who comes to mind? Is it maybe Little Richard? Or perhaps it’s Jerry Lee Lewis. Male musos don’t stand back when it comes to acting the part of performer and we’ve seen some pretty out there stuff over the past couple of decades. But some of these musicians also inspire hairstylists and men to incorporate their look, adapt it to suit their lifestyle. Please just do not go ugly and choose a mullet! Unless you can pull it off perfectly, like Bowie.

Here, we take a look back at iconic hairstyles of male musicians over the past decades. We reminisce about whether the style is still relevant today, or if it should never have been introduced to society in the first place. Let’s see who is first!

#1 Elvis

Elvis' hairstyle and music will forever be an icon in the music industry.

Ah, the King! Of course, we couldn’t compile this list without mentioning Mr. Presley. His famous rockabilly look was donned on probably the majority of all the duck-tails around the globe during the 50s and 60s. The style, proved to be timeless and has made a comeback. The new rockabilly looks very similar to Elvis’ signature ‘do, but a little bit more understated and sleek.

#2 Bowie

Bowie's mullet is a signature style that is going back in Holywood trend.

David Bowie, legend! A forerunner when it came to things like transgender and other sexuality-related issues. David Bowie’s androgynous Ziggy Stardust introduced the perfect mullet – one that you could try out if you are brave enough. Bowie inspired his listeners and followers to be brave and proud of their sexual identities.

#3 Michael Jackson

Who would not know Michael Jackson, the King of Pop?

The Prince of Pop and his ever-popular little string of curls on his forehead has become an icon in itself. His signature look during the 80s was very popular and a lot of his followers mimicked his overall look, hair, gloves, jacket, the works!

#4 Dee Snider

Dee Snider is still, to this day, donning a head full of hair.

Another one straight out of the 80s. One that cannot be forgiven. Although, Dee Snider is still, to this day, donning a head full of hair. Back in the day his yellow curls and very bright makeup make us wonder why in the world he would want to look like a clown. With utmost respect, we understand that no-me escaped the 80s, nor the hairspray!

#5 Slash

Slash's hairstyle will always be an icon.

Famous for his sick strumming skills in rock band Guns N Roses, Slash probably has the hair that can be recognized anytime, anywhere. Usually accessorized with a black top-hat, Slash’s wild curly black locks are kind of a signature for himself and Guns N Roses.

We’ve listed most noteworthy men’s styles in this post. Did you recognize all of them? Would you try any of them out, today? Sometimes things are better left in the past, and sometimes it is possible to get a great look if you have a stylist who understands what it is you want your hair to look like.

Would you be brave enough to go for a Bowie-inspired mullet? Or would you rather love to rock long curly locks like Slash? Let us know in the comment section below. (Also Read: 5 female musicians who have noteworthy hairstyles over the years)